Empty Files is a Basque post-industrial band from Bilbao, formed by the main producer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Txufo Wilson, that covers a wide range of genres including electronica, trip hop, industrial rock and darkwave.

Empty Files was founded by Txufo Wilson as a solo project in 2013. He released two EPs “Empty Files – EP”, “Remixed Files” and a cover of The Normal, “Warm Leatherette”, while working on his debut LP “Shadows”. Prior to its release, Wilson directed his energy into building a band around this project with the aim of delivering a full sensorial experience within the context of live performance. Empty Files integrates visual elements on stage, along with performances, which frequently includes light shows and video.

One Step Out Dark Shadows Fire Tongue Nobody Get up Observers Hollows There Is A Place Beyond The Hollows
One Step OutDarkShadowsFire TongueNobodyGet upObserversHollowsThere Is A PlaceBeyond The Hollows