Empty Files is an electronic/industrial band based on Bilbao, Basque Country. Formed by Txufo Wilson, Jose Lastra and Imanol Fortes, covers a wide range of genres including electronica, trip hop, industrial rock, experimental, physcodelia and darkwave. Empty Files was founded by Txufo Wilson as a solo project in 2013. He released two EPs “Empty Files – EP”, “Remixed Files” and a cover of The Normal, “Warm Leatherette”, while working on his debut LP “Shadows”. Prior to its release, Wilson directed his energy into building a band around this project with the aim of delivering a full sensorial experience within the context of live performance. Empty Files integrates visual elements on stage, along with performances, which frequently includes light shows and video.


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Still Here (Otoi Rework)Wrong Times (Eñaut Zubizarreta Rework)Forgotten Path (Trevor Gavilan Rework)A Quiet Place (Moxal Rework)All That Will Never Come Back (Reykjavik606 Rework)Losing Touch (Mi Buenaventura Rework)While Waiting (Hamaika Rework)And That Changes Everything (Radithor Rework)